Joseph L. Baggio, CTO

Joseph L Baggio
Chief Technology Officer / Founder and Director



Joseph L Baggio is Chief Technology Officer, Managing DirectRM's Software Development and Information Technology Business Ooperations and ensuring that the company delivers product, management, solutions, and support that brings value to its customer base. DirectRM provides a comprehensive mix of security hardware and cloud computing software product solutions, coupled with expert professional services that solve multiple security problems faced by global companies and organizations. DirectRM also provides comprehensive electronic document managing solutions and information asset protection for the Financial, Healthcare, Legal and Government agencies.


As a leader, Baggio has achieved superior results driving rapid sales growth during both boom and recession times through management, sales and implementation of marketing strategies. He started his career in the computer industry over thirty five years ago at Applied Systems Intelligence, Inc.  From Customer Services Assistant to Executive Vice President of Sales and Marketing, Baggio proved himself through performance, adaptation and perseverance.


As an entrepreneur, Baggio has built and managed highly effective sales and marketing organizations, created strategic alliances, launched new products, services, and marketing campaigns in the United States, Asia Pacific, Europe, Canada and Latin America.


As an innovator, Baggio developed “Direct Authenticator” Secured Remote Access SSL/VPN, “Direct Document Management System”, one of the Cloud Computing leaders in Electronic Document Management, “Direct Customer Relationship Management” that competes directly against, along with “Direct Asset Risk Management” Banking Application helping Banks Manage and Create NPN Toxic Asset Portfolios. Intrusion Detection, Vulnerability Assessment, Denial of Service, File & Folder Protection, Port Scanning, Web Page Scanning and Network Scanning for protection against internal and external intruders are just some other applications developed by Baggio.  He has designed numerous secure networks in the internal corporate world and in e-commerce environments.  He has also developed over 2,800 scripts for known Vulnerabilities and Secure One Results Methodology for complete Security Information Assurance Assessment, as well as created and implemented the education syllabus and training program for Assurance Assessment. Baggio is also a Key Note Speaker of ISSA Los Angeles Chapter.


Baggio has an extensive background in networking.  He has a rare combination of experience in voice (traditional PBX, IP-PBX and VoIP), data (minicomputers, mainframes, datacom and LAN/WAN networking) and professional services (network infrastructure consulting, project management, security audit, intrusion detection, ethical hacking, corporate-wide security policy reviews HIPAA and GLBA regulation practices).  He has expertise and certification in Cisco, CNE, IBM/SNA, CISSP, HIPAA, assessment tools from ISS, Axent and Enterasys (Dragon), Checkpoint Firewall-1 and Sidewinder.  In addition, Baggio is fluent in programming languages such as Java, Java Bean, Java Script C#, Visual Basic and Visual Studio .Net and C#.


On May 12, 2006, Baggio was appointed the Honorary Chairman of the NRCC’s Business Advisory Council to the President of the United States. In addition to his appointment, Baggio

Also is an advisor for the Homeland Security Council and National Security Council in

Washington DC.



Baggio has a BA from Boston University; he is one of only three certified Computer Forensics Professionals in California and has studied Criminal Law at Harvard School of Law. Mr. Baggio also holds an MBA in Business Management from the University of Southern California.



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