DA- Mobile e-Token

DirectRM (DRM) DA-Mobile e-Token solution is software based and complies with multi-factor authentication. DA-Mobile e-Token does not require the user to carry additional hardware such as key-fobs and dongles. It provides the same level of security as any hard token based authentication solution, without the hassle of distributing and maintaining multiple hardware tokens out to the users. DRM’s DA-Mobile e-Token can be installed on smart phones and tablets.  As a security feature, once DA-Mobile e-Token is installed on a user specific device, it's then locked so that it cannot be copied between devices.

Upon a successful installation, the user can click on the DRM’s DA-Mobile e-Token application icon from the dashboard which will open an onscreen dial pad.  The user will be required to enter their personal identification number (PIN). Once the user submits the correct PIN, the display will show the One Time Password on the screen. 

DA-Mobile e-Token provides utmost security and the ease of use with respect to accessing your online banking, Cloud applications, Microsoft Outlook, Web based portals, Citrix, VPN along with accessing your corporate local area network to name a few.  DA-Mobile e-Token significantly reduces the deployment cost for an organization and provides a fantastic rate-of-return (ROI) on your investment.

It is important to note that DA-Mobile e-Token client is FREE.  As a user, you can install the DA-Mobile e-Token on as many smart devices you own, however, only one device can be synced to the access management server at a time. This provides flexibility and ease to connect back to your systems, applications and networks from any device, anytime and anywhere.   

System Mobile support: iPhone, Windows Phone 7,Windows Phone 8, Windows Mobile, Java 2ME, Android


You can download the software from here.



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