DA-PIN Pad Smart Card

DirectRM's (DRM) event based DA-PIN Pad Smart Card combined with our proprietary technology is paving the way for multi-functionality smart cards   The PIN Pad Smart Card can serve multiple purposes.  The issuer decides which functionality they want to provide their customers.  If required, the PIN Pad Smart Card can become an all-in-one smart card with the following features:

·         Act as a Credit card or a Debit card

·         Act as a 2F Authentication token

·         Act as a Loyalty / Rewards Card

·         Act as a  perimeter physical access Card

·         Act as a Photo ID card

The PIN Pad Smart Card has some core security features which typical hardware and software based authentication tokens cannot provide. 

  • Allow user to change their PIN on the card
  • Issuer can also force the PIN change periodically
  • Denial-of-Services when PIN is entered incorrectly X times as per issuer security policy 
  • Forgotten PIN’s and lock-outs will be resolved with Challenge/Response protection
  • Ability to see past transactions 
  • GPS enabled to track perpetrator 
  • PIN introduces another level of security
  • And much more

The PIN Pad Smart Card provides value added resources that can be used to increase revenue and aid in customer retention.  The PIN Pad Smart Card can also provide a fantastic Rate-of-Return (ROI) on your investment and generate revenue for the issuers via the loyalty and rewards program.  The PIN Pad Smart Card will provide the highest level of security and virtually eliminate identity theft and credit card fraud.

The PIN Pad Smart Card provides one simple method to give employees access to a variety of services for those organizations who struggle with issuing multiple forms of identification, access control, health and benefit programs and Network access.


  • Trigger event based One Time Password display
  • Convenient to use
  • Slim card easily slides into wallet with other credit cards
  • Large bright “e-paper” display
  • No card reader necessary


  • Increased mobility
  • Multiple functionality
  • Easy to deploy
  • Increases security


  • Three to five year card life depending upon usage
  • Available for custom design and logos
  • Cards are compliant/certified by ISO7810, ISO14443, CE, FCC, OATH,CAP, RoHS
  • Formats available; BDM (Built-in Display Module) and pre-lamination-BDM
  • Card Thickness: 0.8mm (+) (-) 5%
  • Working temperature: 10 to 40C, Storage temperature -10 to 50C
  • Support for an adjustable combination antenna for RF chip   





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