Identity Protection and Access Management

Identity Theft is one of the biggest security threats in the cyber world.  As the Internet embraces and adapts to the ever changing IT computing environments, it has become vitally important to deploy a concrete plan with respect to identity protection and access management.  There will be exponential increases in cyber-attacks as more smart devices become access points for computer networks, therefore it becomes critically important to address identity protection for the following areas:

  • Social networks

  • Cloud computing
  • Financial Transactions
  • Bring your own devices (BYOD)
  • Increase in virtual road warriors
  • Online businesses / e-commerce

Direct Risk Management’s (DRM) initial focus was on solving one of the most pressing computer security concerns: Identity and Identity Theft.  In a world of the internet how can you ever be sure who is logging into your “Crown Jewels” and who has access to mission critical data? 

In response, the company created “Direct Authenticator” a complete security suite based on innovative 6A Security Architecture with an emphasis on strong two factor strong authentication.

Identity Management is much more than a login credential to a web portal or remote access to a local area network via your laptop and desktops.   DRM addresses the following core areas, which require utmost identity prevention and offers a strong two-factor authentication and counter measures to prevent identity theft:

BYOD:  As BYOD becomes more acceptable, DRM provides multiple authentication options for client access to networks, systems, and applications via DRM’s authentication offerings.

Virtual Credit Card:  DRM allows you to carry multiple virtual credit cards which are device independent. DRM will authenticate and ensure hair and fiber forensic evidence.

Point-of-Sales:  DRM will prevent identity theft at PoS terminals by encapsulating DRM’s proprietary technology on the reader and smart device application.

SaaS platform:  DRM provides multiple DRM authenticators to connect to your applications in the cloud.

ATM:  DRM uses its’ proprietary technology to secure ATM machines to eliminate identity /credit and debit card theft.   DRM has years of experience and solutions securing financial transactions with our standing technology patents.  DRM offers state of the art, proprietary anti-theft solutions for major ATM providers.

Online Transactions:  DRM provides secure solutions for any online business who accepts credit / debit cards.  Our e-Commerce solution authenticates the customer to ensure that they are who they say they are using a 2 factor authentication.  This provides ultimate protection for both the consumer and the online business by virtually eliminating credit / debit card fraud.


DRM has deep expertise in many areas of business and commerce to assist with access management, identity protection and fraud.   One of the major benefits of DRM’s entire suite of 2 factor authentication methods is that you can access your networks, resources and applications from anywhere, anytime, any device.  Our authentication methods adhere to DRM’s 6A architecture:  Access, Authenticate, Authorize, Assess, Audit and Abolish.  We also provide SSL/VPN, End Point Security and Single Sign On with a branded resource portal.  DirectRM is your one source for your Strong 2 Factor Authentication needs and much more.



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