Internet Business and e-Commerce

E-Commerce business is exploding online.   Businesses need to address the security ramifications when dealing with personal, financial and customer data.  Businesses need to guarantee their customers that all hosted data is secure and best practices for authentication and authorization are implemented.  Also, it is vital that businesses are meeting Federal Regulatory compliance to avoid costly fines and penalties.

Today’s authentication solution providers are offering an inconvenient and weak two factor authentication for their customers and merchants.  The authentication providers are limited to the scope of just providing authentication without considering a comprehensive security protocol from entry to exit.

The current market solutions offer a simple two factor authentication which is weak, inconvenient and lacking vitally important security features.  In addition to offering multiple methods of Strong two factor authentication, DirectRM also provides:

  • End Point Security
  • A secure Single-Sign-On Portal to allow access to multiple resources
  • Assessment of any device prior to log in to ensure that it conforms to corporate policies, operating systems and patches as well as many other attributes
  • Removal of any infections including malware, spyware, trojan horses and viruses prior to log in
  • A thorough forensic hair and fiber analysis for every session and every movement logged in real time
  • Removal of any “foot prints” for any customer session on the remote device to protect from hackers and key loggers.

DRM is a world class leader in terms of Internet Security.  We understand that Internet business is not limited to authentication and allowing users access to a web page or remote access to your network.  The dynamics of authentication have changed, the need for one vendor to supply a one-stop solution for entry to exit secure transactions is now apparent.

DRM will provide a sense of security for all your Internet Business and e-Commerce transactions and beyond.  DRM allows users to access merchant resources anytime, anyplace and from any device.



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